Adam Jones

Adam Jones Senior Minister

I joined the CCCJ staff in August 2015 but my journey here began long before that, as I grew up attending CCCJ before moving away for many years.  I deeply love Carl Junction and I’m thrilled to be a part of the next chapter that God is writing here!  I primarily preach and work closely with the Elders to lead our staff and volunteer leaders as we are pursuing God’s Heart and Kingdom.  I enjoy having a front row seat to seeing the Holy Spirit actively changing lives and calling the Church to brand new challenges!

Adam married his wife Grace on March 9, 2002. They have a son, Andrew.

Adam’s favorite team:  Kansas City Chiefs
Adam’s favorite food:  Cheeseburgers
Adam’s favorite invention:  Guitars

James Billings

James Billings Discipleship Minister

I joined the CCCJ staff in August 2001 as the Children's Minister but have since moved into the role of Discipleship Minister.  I have always had a passion to see whole families move deeper into their discipleship journey with Jesus and I'm excited about what God is doing in Carl Junction!

James married his wife April on June 28, 2003. They have two beautiful daughters, Lillianna and Adelynn.

James’ favorite pastime:  Being with his family and lawn work
James’ favorite vacation spot:  Colorado Mountains
James' favorite band:  Petra

Kenan Klein

Kenan Klein Creative Arts Minister

I joined the CCCJ staff in May 2014 because God placed a call on my family’s life to come to be a part of this family.  I get the privilege of serving in the role of Creative Arts Minister, helping our worship environments, our college-age students, and digital ministries to be all Jesus wants them to be!

Kenan married his wife Amanda on June 30, 2012.  They have a beautiful daughter, Kendra.

Kenan’s favorite pastime:  Music
Kenan’s favorite sport:  Football
Kenan’s favorite superhero:  Batman

Rebecca Robertson

Rebecca Robertson Children's Minister

I joined the CCCJ staff in April 2019 after attending for almost two years.  I discovered my love and passion for children's ministry when I was 12 and began volunteering in the nursery and preschool.  I love children and helping their families find ways to thrive in Jesus together.

Rebecca married her husband Mark on September 26, 2020

Rebecca's favorite pastime:  Reading
Rebecca's favorite food:  Pasta
Rebecca's favorite movie:  Cinderella

Eric Wasson

Eric Wasson Youth Minister

I joined the CCCJ staff team in September 2020. I love Carl Junction for many different reasons. The main reason I love Carl Junction and what made me want to stay is how quickly it felt like home. Carl Junction is a place that after you walk through the door you can't help but just feel like you walked into a family gathering. Being able to be part of that family is one of my favorite things about Carl Junction.


Eric's Favorite Pastime: Playing games with friends

Eric's Favorite Superhero: Firestorm

Eric's Favorite Music Genre: Bluegrass

Joni Skelley

Joni Skelley Administrative Assistant

I moved to Missouri years ago from Illinois.  I was sad to leave my home church and not have a church family, so I prayed that God would lead us to the right place; and that's exactly what He did!  I truly love CCCJ and am so thankful to be apart of this amazing church family.  I came on staff as the Administrative Assistant in August 2015 and absolutely love it. It is a blessing to serve at CCCJ and work with some amazing friends that I can call family!

Joni married her husband Michael on August 25, 2001.  They have 3 kids, Dawson, Bailey and Carter.

Joni’s favorite pastime:  Shopping
Joni’s favorite food:  Tacos
Joni’s favorite movie:  The Notebook